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"Moses Wrote of The Mark" & Announcements
by John & Kelly Sielski
Moses wrote of The Mark. The issue is that most of Western churchianity have never sat under true apostolic or prophetic authority; which is why they have been cut off from the understanding of these things. The Mark of the Beast is not a micro-chip in the hand, nor is it the covid vaccine. These are extremely childish misinterpretations of what the Scriptures are articulating.These things do not cut straight to the heart; nor deal with the genuine pandemic which has been plaguing humanity (including the Harlot Church) for over two-thousand years: the plague of our own self-righteousness, and all of the animosity, hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice which accompany it! Moses wrote of The Mark. If we continue to look unto our own right hand (symbolic of the righteousness in which we are trusting), thinking that we can do something, anything, to make and keep happy with us that fiery pharaoh-God whom we perceive in heaven, so that we can earn more favor with Him… and greater blessings from Him; then the Harlot Church will definitely have something that she would like to sell us… that we’d be interested in buying…. of course, to “learn ‘how to’…”! If we are self-righteous, and most of us are; meaning that, we… on a personal level… have NO revelation of the Lamb and His Finished Work, then we will always be looking for the latest and greatest gimmicks and formulas from the Harlot Church, that she is marketing and merchandising, peddling. BUT it is all coming to an end… and so are these e-mails for the remainder of this year. We are taking the remainder of this year to get a sense of what we are going to continue to publish online, if anything at all. Our regularly scheduled, weekly meetings will continue as usual in West Lawn, Pennsylvania; and CD-copies of our gatherings will continue to be available. For more info, regarding meeting times and location, please visit:

We will also be taking a break from publishing any more YouTube videos for the remainder of this year. Again, please visit the website for more information. Love and blessings, in the Father’s heart always…  ~J&K

Meeting Schedule

November, 2021 Meeting-Schedule @ 2025 Noble Street, West Lawn, PA 19609:

Sunday, November 7th @ 10AM
Sunday, November 14th @ 10AM
Sunday, November 21st @ 10AM
Sunday, November 28th @ 10AM







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